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Why Choose Commercial PACE Financing?

Why PACE FinancingStonehill PACE specializes in providing accommodating financing arrangements for renovating, restoring or upgrading your commercial properties. Commercial PACE financing options are designed to provide lower-cost options for construction loans and upgrades to hospitality facilities and other commercial buildings. PACE loans are available for up to 25 percent of the value of your building and can be used for a wide range of building upgrades:

  • HVAC systems and controls
  • Lighting and electrical upgrades
  • Water efficiency installations
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Upgrades to insulation and building envelope coverage
  • Soft costs associated with any or all of the above

Commercial PACE financing is a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. This allows business owners to enjoy certainty of execution and closing. These loan options feature attainable standards and require no significant upfront costs, which makes them an outstanding choice for businesses that must maintain cash flow. Stonehill PACE will work with you and your business to determine the appropriate financing solutions for your specific situation.

PACE Financing is a state legislated program that allows property owners and developers to finance construction improvements through an optional property assessment. PACE programs are based on legal precedents with a 100+ year history in the United States that permit local governments to facilitate a public purpose through the use of special taxing authorities.

Commercial property types that qualify for PACE include Hotel, Multifamily (more than 4 units), Senior Living, Student Housing, Retail, Office, Industrial and Self-Storage.

Stonehill PACE funding can provide PACE financing for up to 30% of the value of your building, at low-cost fixed rates with terms of up to 30 years. PACE funding can be used to finance most components of a development or construction project. Typical PACE eligible items include:

Lighting and Electrical
Building Envelope Windows, Doors, Roofing, Siding, Masonry and Insulation
HVAC Systems and Controls
Water Efficiency Equipment Hot water heating systems and Plumbing fixtures
Elevators / Escalators
Soft Costs Architectural, Engineering, Permitting, and Fees

Gain Equity With Commercial PACE Financing

At Stonehill PACE, we are a direct lender and will make a decision on your PACE loan application directly. This will save you time and effort while ensuring that you gain equity through these lending arrangements. PACE loans are attached to the property and are repaid through property taxes rather than connected to the property owner. This means that a PACE loan is actually a property assessment and not a traditional lending arrangement. PACE loans can be combined with other lending options available from Stonehill PACE to provide you with the ultimate financing package for updating, upgrading and enhancing your property for added value in the competitive marketplace. We work with you to create customized financing arrangements that are ideal for your commercial construction needs.

Do You Qualify for Commercial PACE Financing?

The experienced team at Stonehill PACE can quickly provide guidance on the eligibility of your project. To learn more about our full lineup of PACE loans and commercial construction lending options, call Stonehill Pace today at 678-823-9313 to schedule a consultation with our team. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.