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CPACE Financing for Mixed-Use Buildings

CPACE financing is an advantageous financing option for many different projects. In existing multi-use buildings, you can use this financing to make key upgrades that improve efficiency, property value, and tenant satisfaction.  What is CPACE Financing? Commercial PACE loans are a special type of loan offered to commercial properties through the property assessed clean energy (PACE) […]

PACE Financing: Multifamily Updates

PACE financing is an advantageous loan option for many types of projects. When it comes to multifamily properties, owners can use Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans for many types of upgrades for existing buildings. Eligible projects for PACE financing may include energy efficiency, water conservation, and resiliency projects. You should check with your PACE […]

Approval Process for Commercial PACE Loans

PACE loans offer incredibly cost-effective and advantageous financing solutions for property owners. Commercial PACE is a program available in many states that provide low cost, fixed rate, and non-recourse funding for a wide range of projects. If you’re looking for attractive financing options, PACE loans may be right for you. In this article, we will […]

CPACE Financing: Energy Efficiency in Hotels

Did you know hotels spend an average of $2,196 on average each year per room? According to Energy STAR, this accounts for approximately 6% of operating costs for the average hotel. Upgrading to energy efficient equipment and systems in your hotel can significantly reduce operating costs and increase profits. Yet, many hotels simply don’t have […]

PACE Loans for Elevator Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your building’s elevators? If so, PACE loans may offer the perfect financing option. On average, well-maintained elevators 15 to 20 years. However, even within the last few years, elevator technology has been rising to the challenges of improved safety, reduced maintenance requirements, and increased energy efficiency. If your elevators are […]

Save Storage Facility Operating Costs with CPACE Financing

The self-storage industry has been growing in recent years, but operating costs can add up quickly. CPACE financing can help you invest in systems and technologies that can help reduce energy costs to enhance profitability.  PACE is a program that helps property owners finance energy-efficient building systems to help reduce environmental impact. These systems can […]

Did you Know PACE Lenders Offer Retroactive Financing?

Stonehill PACE can help provide funding for building projects, even after you’ve completed the work! If you’ve recently made upgrades to your building or used innovative energy-efficient design and building elements on your completed construction project, talk to our PACE lenders about retroactive financing.  Recently Completed a Development and Looking for Capital? Talk to our […]

PACE Loans for Financing COVID-19 Upgrades

As more and more businesses and public buildings are re-opening, building owners are working to mitigate risks of COVID-19 transmission. Upgrades are happening far and wide, but they can quickly become costly, leaving many building owners with the issue of having to choose between cash flow and doing everything they can to reduce the risk […]

Utility Costs Are Rising & PACE Funding Can Help

Overhead costs are a fact of life for your company. However, utility costs could be causing your overhead to be exceptionally high. Luckily, PACE funding offers you low-cost financing for improvements that can help save you in electricity costs. Learn more about why your utility costs are so high and how you can reduce them […]

How CPACE Financing Helps You Make Improvements

Businesses often have a list of improvements they mean to take care of, but don’t have capital available to make these improvements. Luckily, CPACE financing can help your company make these changes without negatively affecting your cash flow. While many people know that they can use CPACE financing for major renovations or new construction projects, businesses […]