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PACE Loans and Malls

PACE loans are a great financing option for a wide range of industries. Whether you’re planning a new construction or an improvement project, you may be eligible for this innovative and low-cost financing. For example, PACE loans can benefit shopping malls in many different ways. Therefore, consider PACE funding for your upcoming projects. How Malls […]

How PACE Lenders Help Apartment Building Owners

PACE lenders can help multi-family property owners in many ways. PACE loans provide funding for qualified construction efforts and improvements such as building envelope, HVAC systems, and even elevators. Therefore, talk to your PACE lenders about your options and whether your project qualifies for PACE funding. PACE Lenders Focus on Low-Cost Loans PACE funding offers […]

Choose the Right PACE Lenders

If you’re making major upgrades to your commercial building, PACE lenders may be able to help you secure low cost financing to cover the hard and soft costs of your upgrade. Property assessed clean energy (PACE) financing is a type of low cost, non-recourse financing that you pay back as an assessment on your property […]

CPACE Financing Can Help You Save During Construction

If you’re undertaking a new construction project, it’s important to find ways to reduce total costs as well as increase value for your property. With labor and material shortages, construction costs have been increasing. In addition, with loan rates increasing, the cost of capital may also be higher than expected. The good news is that […]

PACE Funding for Hotel & Hospitality Development

PACE funding has been around for years, but has gained new traction and popularity since the pandemic. What many property owners don’t realize is that this type of financing is a great option for development, including for the hospitality industry.  Hotel development requires a lot of capital, and it’s critical to choose the lowest cost […]

PACE Funding for Energy Efficient Roofing

PACE funding is a low cost financing option that helps many commercial property owners make upgrades to their property. One common upgrade that many commercial buildings could benefit from is a new energy-efficient roof. What many don’t realize is that property assessed clean energy financing can also help pay for these types of upgrades. We’ll […]

Can CPACE Financing Help You Refinance?

Looking for low cost, long term financing for your property? CPACE financing may be the perfect option for you. This attractive financing option has helped countless property owners make improvements without breaking the bank. With more and more programs allowing for retroactive financing, it may also help you refinance past projects that are eligible for […]

PACE Loans: Commercial vs. Residential Programs

As interest grows in PACE loans, many people wonder what the difference is between commercial and residential PACE. Currently, there are 37 states with PACE legislation, most of them offering CPACE options. California, Missouri, and Florida are currently the only states offering residential options. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the differences between these […]

PACE Financing to Meet Energy Efficiency Laws

Many building owners will soon face high penalties in New York if they don’t improve energy efficiency. Recent energy codes mean many building owners will need to retrofit existing buildings to use less energy and reduce emissions. Fortunately, PACE financing is an attractive and low cost funding option for many types of energy saving projects.  […]

What do PACE Lenders Need to Provide CPACE Funding?

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing is an attractive but underutilized option for many commercial property owners. If you’re considering using PACE to fund projects for your property, it’s important to understand what your PACE lenders need to provide funding for this unique loan option. In this article, we will explain some of the key […]