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CPACE financing - Stonehill PACE
You can make your building look and function like it’s brand new again using CPACE financing.

Businesses often have a list of improvements they mean to take care of, but don’t have capital available to make these improvements. Luckily, CPACE financing can help your company make these changes without negatively affecting your cash flow. While many people know that they can use CPACE financing for major renovations or new construction projects, businesses can also use PACE loans for smaller upgrades and even to finance resiliency projects.

There are many advantages to using CPACE financing for your improvements. For example, you can use this funding to increase your building’s value and marketability. Additionally, PACE loans can fund 100% of the hard and soft costs for PACE approved projects. Therefore, if you have a list of changes you wish to make, consider talking to your PACE lenders about how they can help.

Using CPACE Financing for Interior Systems

CPACE financing isn’t just for major projects. In fact, you can use this loan program for systems like HVAC upgrades or new lighting systems. You can even use PACE loans for roof replacement projects. The CPACE program allows business owners to make upgrades to their buildings that are cost-efficient and help you save in the long-term. Therefore, if you have older lighting systems, HVAC units, or a failing roof, CPACE may be able to help. Using CPACE financing, you can make improvements to your building that you simply didn’t think you could before. Additionally, this financing option allows you to pay off the loan over a long period of time as a line on your property tax bill. Therefore, this low-cost financing option is great for small and large projects that will improve your building and your business.

PACE Loans Can Be Used for Structure Hardening

Resiliency projects designed to help your building withstand disasters are also a great way to protect your livelihood. Unfortunately, many companies put these improvements on the back burner, as they often require a fair amount of up-front capital. Luckily, under PACE programs, many states allow you to receive PACE loans to help fund these structure hardening improvements. These alterations help reduce damage, injuries, and outages during disasters. Therefore, CPACE financing helps protect your company from unpredictable and devastating events without hurting your bottom line.

Therefore, there are many ways you can use CPACE loans for your business. At Stonehill PACE, we are a leading PACE lender that works with commercial property owners to help fund new construction, recapitalization, and value-add projects. As a leading provider of PACE loans, we understand how to help you finance these enhancing projects. Our experts will handle all the aspects of the PACE qualification process so you can focus on your daily operations. Call us today at (678) 823-9313 to discuss your options with our team and learn more about the PACE program. We are here to serve you.